Why you should spend your summer in Seattle

UPDATE: Kevin Schaul posted 5 more reasons to apply.  You have two days to apply for the summer internship at the Seattle Times. Here are five reasons why you should do this: 5. Seattle is beautiful in the summer Just look here and here and here and here. Yeah, I went a little overboard on the Instagrams, but it's because this freakin' town is darling. 4. The brown bag lunches Each Wednesday at noon there's a brown bag lunch for interns. The company brings in people from all over the newsroom to talk about how they sourced amazing stories, took unbelievable photos or keep the paper running during turbulent financial times. Yeah, interns this year got two separate lunches with Publisher Frank Blethen. 3. The other interns There were at least nine interns this year and they were a trip. We had fun off the clock checking out different parts of Seattle. We even lost in the epic staff-versus-interns kickball game. 2. Data and news apps The people on these teams are amazing. Cheryl Phillips helped me make data requests and learn Tableau and the Bloomberg terminal. Justin Mayo is a whiz at Excel and helped me do all kinds of crazy VLOOKUPs and INDEXs and more. Lauren Rabaino is a bulldog editor who stands up for your work and ideas and makes magical things happen with very limited resources. She's also an amazing designer and loves talking about design, news apps and the future of media. Ben Turner. God. Ben Turner. Djangonaut to the extreme Ben taught me soooo much. When I had questions after work I'd usually follow Ben to a nearby coffee shop where he helped cultivate the small, but growing Seattle Django community. Also, Dean Kramer, who has moved on, was great fun and helped me see through messy JavaScript. Towards the end of the summer Dean and I convinced Ben and Lauren to go on a scooter trip to Bainbridge Island, which, by the way, requires traveling on a ferry. It was quite fun. 1. Make it what you want Finally, the best thing about this internship is that you can really make it what you want. Kevin Schaul before me built a team of people for election night coverage. They even grabbed him a little after the internship for some more work. I got to come up with a list of projects, and attempt all of them. Some of them didn't pan out or finish (Christ, you only have 10 weeks). But I was able to spend much of my time learning from the best people in the newsroom and flex my muscles in Django, JavaScript and GitHubbing in a group on deadline. And yes Lauren, I even learned the benefits of Sass. So did you apply yet?

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